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Knowledge to Bring out the Best in You and Your Horse
Stephanie Mosely has dedicated herself to teaching what top riders actually do to achieve amazing results. Horses and riders from every discipline and level of experience can benefit from Stephanie's calm and clear style.  Western Dressage riders welcome!
The ‘Ride With Your Mind’ approach streamlines rider concentration, body awareness, and core muscle strength to create incredible improvements in the rider's seat and in the horse's movement and responses.  Riders learn how to be proactive rather than reactive.
If you are tired of basically having the same lesson over and over, come ride with Stephanie.  Her eye for balance "sees" the little things that can make a huge difference in the rider's effectiveness and thus, the horse's way of going.  Stephanie gives riders the tools they need to ride well, thus The Empowered Rider.
Stephanie Mosely, Dressage Instructor
Truly Unsurpassed, Western Dressage
Stephanie Mosely, Dressage Instructor
Online Coaching


A useful tool for riders to get trained at their home barn with any trainer no matter the distance. Save time and energy on traveling, but still make progress.

Riders can use a Pixio/Pixem to do a live stream lesson.

A newer cheaper way is with the PIVO set up. The rider will have to stay closer to the camera but if you place in the middle of the arena, will usually work just fine. Live video lessons can be done this way, or it is a very easy and economical way to make the videos for the analysis mentioned below.

Or riders can send in a short video clip (5-10 minutes) for analysis.

The short videos can be very helpful keeping riders on track with their work. You won't need wifi or to use up all your data to do these.  Riders are often surprised at how much info can be given to them from this analysis.

Clinics & Lessons


Stephanie meets her students at select facilities across the USA. Check out the list of venues where you may learn from Stephanie.

Interested in hosting/organizing a Rider Biomechanics clinic? 

Get in touch with Stephanie to arrange a clinic at your facility.



Positive, encouraging, micro-detailed in teaching. Understands that each rider and horse combination are uniquely coupled and does not use a One-Size-Fits-All teaching method. Perfectly gives instruction based on the comprehension level of each student and adjusts her teaching style accordingly. Very inviting for All Riders including disabled persons, such as myself <3

--- Sara

Riding with Stephanie is a blessing. She understands and teaches biomechanics far beyond any other teacher I’ve ridden under. I have ridden with her over the last two years and every lesson is an enlightening experience where my knowledge and skill as horsewoman improves. I am a 52 year old para-equestrian, who is an incomplete paraplegic; Stephanie teaches me to use the muscles I have in my legs in different ways to achieve a great partnership with my (amazing) horse, Patch. She finds where your weaknesses are, and pinpoints them, and then carefully communicates to you not only what to do to correct it, but specifically why, and how it improves your riding and your horses movement.  She is an amazing communicator, a lot of fun, and an exceptional person. ❤️


In just one clinic, Stephanie has helped my horse by helping me become a better rider.  He’s more balanced, rhythmic, and no longer interested in “rushing forward” and leaving me behind.  This has also improved safety. I look forward to continuing the journey with Stephanie and experiencing continued improvement, discovering how far we can go.


I have become a more effective rider since working with Stephanie. I look forward to each opportunity to work with her as every time there is an "aha" moment, when my horse and I see how much easier it can be working together in alignment.
--- Terina

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