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Background on Nancy and Calico

(Truly Unsurpassed)

By 2010 The Western Dressage of America Association (WDAA) became the home of the new discipline Western Dressage. The WDAA mission statement is to build an equine community that combines the Western Horse and rider with Classical Dressage. WDAA honors the horse, values the partnership between horse and rider and celebrates the legacy of the American West. In 2013 the USEF recognized WDAA as a national affiliate and an individual discipline. In 2018 the USEF named Western Dressage as the fastest growing equine discipline in the nation.

Because of Nancy’s love for western horses, along with traditional dressage, she knew this sport was created for her. She combines classical dressage into her training to produce a more willing western equine partner.

In 2010 she purchased a three-year-old, beautiful tri colored paint mare with blue eyes, with the idea that one day they would ride western dressage as a team. She never dreamed that that horse would live up to her name, TRULY UNSURPASSED.  When Nancy Conley made the decision that Truly Unsurpassed was ready to start their new journey together in western dressage, she made a plan and within three years they earned top honors in the WDAA from Basic level all the way to level 4. Level 4 being the highest level.  During WDAA World Championships in 2016, 2017, and 2018 they earned multiple WDAA World Championships plus Level 4 WDAA Open Division.  In 2017 Truly Unsurpassed earned her first USEF National Horse of the Year in level 2, followed by 2018 USEF National Horse of the Year in level 3.

Their journey does not end there. Truly Unsurpassed is the #1 horse on the list of Top 100 horses in WDAA Lifetime Points Award Program (as of July 2019). Truly Unsurpassed has lived up to her name being the first horse to accomplish the esteem honor of becoming WDAA Supreme Champion in the nation, as well as the first horse to reach the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals in the Western Dressage Association of America.

In 2018 this team they made their debut at the WDAA World Show with their Western Dressage Musical Freestyle where the horses paces are set to music to create a competitive dance. They placed with a respectable Reserve Musical Freestyle Championship.

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