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Riding since age 3, I spent a lot of time learning on my own and I actually didn't even take lessons until a neighbor introduced me to dressage.  I had a good feel and sensitivity, but as I progressed through the levels it became obvious to me that the rider’s position influences the horse’s way of going.  I knew I needed some help to get to the next level.


In my first lesson with Stephanie, she really changed my position. It was challenging, but I felt immediate results and I knew I was on the right track. The biomechanics that Stephanie teaches helps me to succinctly and directly communicate with my horse.  She systematically transformed me to better communicate with my horse.

While quiet communication through biomechanics made a huge impact on my riding, the benefits of riding with Stephanie do not end there.  She has a great eye and offers creative exercises that improve the horse gymnastically.  Stephanie Moseley's training can’t be put in a box - there is no end to the benefits of riding with her.

 - Laurie Wilson

Natural Leadership Horse Training

With a background in riding show hunters for 20 years, I’ve always considered myself a self-sufficient rider. I video and analyze rides my rides at home and while my passion outweighs my talent - I love celebrating incremental progress. So it is kind of funny that I found Dressage so boring. That is until I rehabilitated a challenging horse. He was overly reactive and a friend suggested that dressage may help. We worked harder than ever before in preparation for a show, had a much improved experience, and got hooked on Dressage.


Recently I audited a Mary Wanless clinic and someone suggested I work with Mary’s student, Stephanie Mosely. I thought, why not - she regularly travels to my area - I’ll try a lesson.


I scheduled a lesson and was immediately impressed with the 110% focus that Stephanie gives each lesson. I very much appreciate that she is never distracted by her phone and that she moves around to place herself in the arena where she can see us best. Stephanie is the best “eyes on the ground” I’ve ever experienced. For the first time, I’m getting “real time” feedback from a trainer and Stephanie always has an answer and explanation for what I’m feeling or need to feel. So many trainers struggle to focus on the horse and rider simultaneously, while Stephanie intuitively integrates the pair in her instruction.


Even though I watch videos of myself ride, I don’t always have the answer to why something isn’t working. I needed to gain more awareness of my proprioceptive difficulties. For example, my horse had gotten a bit sucked back and canter has been a struggle. I knew my lower leg had gotten bouncy, but I didn’t understand the mechanics of what was happening. Stephanie helped me to see that I was sitting behind the vertical and posting from my feet, which is something I was taught to do. Being strict about biomechanics has shown me that the tiniest change made a huge impact and while the new position felt quite different - my horse was moving forward! I’m amazed that this happened in just a few lessons together and I look forward to my next ride with Stephanie!


- Dawn Church Mortimer

As a teacher, I have great respect for quality instruction.  Past trainers that I’ve worked with had a tendency to deliver complicated instructions faster than I could process what I was supposed to be feeling.   


Training with Stephanie Mosely is an entirely different experience.  With patience and clarity, she helped me develop awareness and understanding at a manageable pace. Stephanie takes the time the provide visualizations that simplify what I should be doing so that I may focus on what I’m feeling.

For example, in one lesson I was moving too much in the saddle.  Stephanie methodically deconstructed what each part of the body should be doing and the provided a visualization - “carrying” 2 cups of water on my shoulders.  All the components  came together for me in a crystal clear feeling and I was better able to maintain the posture because the feel was so obvious.  I highly recommend riding with Stephanie!

- Cindy Gutzwiller

I am a western rider specializing in competitive barrel racing.  I decided to start taking lessons from Stephanie Mosely to explore the benefits of dressage.  The fundamentals, alone, are an excellent base to build upon to become a well-rounded rider.


Since beginning lessons with Stephanie, my riding has exponentially improved.  She has helped me with my quarter horse Tucker, who has a slipping stifle issue, by teaching me how to work on strengthening his hindquarters and topline.  Within a year of focusing on Tucker, his times and turns on the barrel pattern have greatly improved.  Stephanie has taught me how to stay consistently balanced and keep my body in good position in order to help Tucker and I ride more efficiently.


I encourage those who want to improve their skills of riding to take the opportunity to work with Stephanie.  Time spent under her direction would be extremely beneficial regardless of level or discipline of any rider. 

- Erin Christopher

This clinic was my first ride with Stephanie.  She gave me confidence and skills I could take home and put to use.  I've been timid about taking up the reins and asking for a connection out of fear I'd do it incorrectly and risk ruining my young horse.  Stephanie showed me how to maintain an elastic contact, building a better connection over my horse's topline.  My horse and I are ready to go to work!

- Shannon

Having just purchased my new partner a few months prior, the clinic with Stephanie was a great way to get started down the right path. He tends to keep me busy with my hands, and Stephanie taught me how to push him up to the bit using my core and thighs, instead of bringing the bit back against him.  He stayed in a better frame when I could maintain the positioning of myself.  It's hard work, but the results in the horse show the benefit.  I would definitely come back for another clinic!

- Erica

Stephanie's instruction brings about positive changes in my horse's way of going.  Gilda becomes more forward and rounder over her topline.  Not only is Stephanie the most knowledgeable instructor I've ridden with, she is also the most encouraging.  I've ridden for 55 years so I've  ridden with many different instructors!  I am a  senior citizen who rides for fun, yet Stephanie treats me with the same level of respect she gives more serious upper level riders. Stephanie is the best!

- Carol Baum

I used to be extremely crooked.  Thanks to Stephanie's instruction, I am a much straighter rider these days.  My horse used to be very asymmetrical when viewed from above.  Happy to say that Sam is much closer to symmetrical now too!

Stephanie also helped me find a way to deal with my young horse pulling on me.  He tends to be heavy on the forehand and can actually pull me out of the saddle. She taught me how to stay more centered, using more thigh and bearing down.  He stays in a much better balance when I can keep it all together!  My balance directly affects his balance.  Stephanie is always willing to explain, and is always open to questions.

- Alice Kline

Thank you so much  for the wonderful insights! I was stunned watching the videos of the horses and how well they were going! I learned so much from you, enjoying every second of the lessons, along with the sore muscles after! Please count me in for future lessons, and please let me know when/where you'll be teaching, as I would like to work with you  as much as possible.  Your teaching style is wonderful and I know I can learn so much more from you!

- Morgan Dalis

Thank you for a wonderful weekend! The lessons I have had with you are my first in over a year, so your kindness, patience, and honesty mean more than you might realize. We are busy doing our homework and hope to see you again this winter.

- Kelly

I sincerely appreciate all that you have done for us. Since lessons with you, my last show average improved nearly 4%. In the middle of my test I was noticing my old habits sneaking up and I quickly thought what would Stephanie tell me to do - so I sat back, brought my leg under, and focused on my tempo. Score! :)


We are looking forward to continuing to working hard with you!

- Leslie and Luna

When I was young, watching other riders in the hunter/jumper ring, I would wonder, what are they doing differently than me that allows them to effortlessly win?  That began a curiosity throughout a riding career peppered with high profile instructors and well trained horses to learn on.  At the heart of my curiosity, was the question, "how can it look so easy for some riders?" Was it really about timing, and with enough practice could my timing get so good that I could do it too?  Or was it about feel?  I was certainly searching for a feeling on my horses, but getting them rounder, more forward or more "anything" wasn't quite it.  I had learned a lot over the years, but couldn't quite get it to all tie together.  

Then in May 2018 I had the opportunity to ride in a clinic with Stephanie.  The moment she began instructing me in our first lesson, I knew something was different.  By the end of the third day, I was on cloud nine.  This was IT!!! The secret sauce I had so craved and was missing.  All of a sudden so much of my prior instruction made sense, but not one of those riders had been able to communicate what their body was really doing in training horses.  As I have integrated this knowledge and continue to ride with Stephanie I am deeply inspired. No longer is it just about the horse and how they are moving.  The more responsible I am with my own body, the more effortlessly my horses carry themselves!  I have watched Stephanie teach many other riders and she truly empowers each rider she works with.  It is an experience I wish for all. 

- Terina

The lunge lessons first of all were definitely what I needed. One of my biggest challenges has been holding my reins without locking my elbows or riding straight armed. I am short armed to begin with, but your tweaking my hands to hold the reins with fists closed and thumb as "teepee" on them with the explanation of how the muscles work on both the inside and outside of my wrist over the front of me and around the back was a break through for me. When I rode as you instructed, I was able to keep a nice contact with bent elbows to bit without tipping and use my core better. When I got home and used my new skills with my mare, she responded well to my following, yet steady contact. I am still a work on progress, but this last piece helped tremendously. Thank you!

- Sandy

Since I have been riding with Stephanie,my rider's position has changed from being a passenger to actually having a positive influence through my seat to my horse.She has such a gift in articulating specifically to each rider how to make the corrections in their body position that will result in positive feedback from the horse.She makes the work fun and exciting and allows me to see the possibilities for the future-my horse and I highly recommend working with Stephanie!

- Christie

Wow! Little did I know when I signed up for the clinic that Stephanie would give me exactly what I was looking for. My little horse loved it too based on how incredible he felt under me. Thank you Stephanie, I'll be back for more.


I can't say enough great things about learning biomechanics through Stephanie. We have come a long way...with a long way to go! But it's been a great journey! Me and my horse thank you!


I have been fortunate to audit the clinics for some time now. Just last week I had the opportunity to ride with Stephanie. Her approach to each ride is individualized. Fix the rider...I have been incorrect for 60 years. With the right tools I was more confident in my second ride. I felt more effective and supportive of my horse. The future is bright. The changes require hard work, but I am optimistic that my next 60 years will only get better. Thank you.


In just one clinic, Stephanie has helped my horse by helping me become a better rider. He's more balanced, rhythmic, and no longer interested in rushing forward and leaving me behind. This has also improved safety.

I look forward to continuing the journey with Stephanie and experiencing continued improvement, discovering how far we can go.


Rode with Stephanie at a clinic in Milton, FL. It was amazing! I have been working at all the things we learned. Not easy,but I'll get there. I have not discussed the clinic much with my trainer, but after the lesson today, she said the horse was really looking good and moving well. I was thrilled! Thank you Stephanie.


I just want to thank Stephanie for all the help she has given me. Although I haven't ridden with her long, she has given me a new perspective on riding and my relationship to my horse. My body and mind directly influence how well my horse goes. There's no other way to truly be an effective rider. Thanks Stephanie.

-Mary Joe

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